Tighten Your Springs Now, Thank Yourself Later

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Your garage door is a heavy piece of equipment, which means it can cause serious injury or property damage if it malfunctions and falls. Avoid dangerous situations by scheduling regular garage door maintenance from Discount Garage Doors.

You can depend on us to check every part of your garage door, including the motor, screws and springs, to make sure they're working properly. Get a free estimate on garage door maintenance in the Reno, NV or surrounding areas. Contact us today.

5 signs your springs might be faulty

5 signs your springs might be faulty

The springs are one of the most likely parts of your garage door to break down. You might need garage door spring maintenance if:

  1. Your garage door won't open
  2. The door is hard to lift or won't stay open when lifted
  3. The springs are visibly worn or rusted
  4. The springs look elongated or stretched out
  5. There are gaps between the coils

Schedule regular garage door spring maintenance to make sure the garage door of your Reno, NV or nearby area home is operating safely. Call 775-525-1031 now.